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SVG Cuttable Files on Etsy - Purple Pony Art Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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SVG Cuttable Files on Etsy [Aug. 29th, 2016|09:46 am]
Purple Pony Art
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What are cuttable files or cutting files? They are usually SVG files that can be used for laser cutting and digital die cutting machines. They can also do double duty as clip art or embroidery patterns.

I have been filling my Etsy shop with them over the summer and they have all sorts of uses for cardmakers and scrapbookers. So far I have some frames, birds and feathers. We'll see how the collection grows. The great thing about them is that you can scale them up or down or all around. Whatever you want to do to make your project special. I have a Pazzles, but Cricut and Silhouette are two other popular brands. And with third party software like Make the Cut, digi crafters aren't limited to certain file types like days of yore! It's kind of cringe-worthy to think that the original Cricut came with cartridges...you couldn't use your own designs back then.

Each cutting file package comes with a PDF, an SVG file and a WPC file for Pazzles. Even if you don't have a digital die cutter, you can use the SVG to scale the pictures to size, or you can do it the old fashioned way with a photocopier with the PDF. Sometimes I forget that you can use a cutting machine to draw too. Clip art, embroidery patterns, laser cutting, stencils...cuttable files have tons of uses :-)