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Welcome Little One Printable [Jun. 7th, 2015|08:53 am]
Purple Pony Art
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I had a super bizzy day yesterday. When you work full time, it's so hard to divide precious free time between yourself and family, but I found some time for both as we went to the DQ to beat the heat. It takes me a long time to get things from idea to finished product as such. I started making a PDF of this card back in January, but six months later I still had to make a model, make a video, take some photos...it's work!

Welcome Little One New Baby Card

I really like this picture because I think I finally found the "voice" that I want to project in my photos after years of randomly trying this and that - miniature easels, fabric backgrounds, etc. Whenever I post FB pics of something in progress, it's always on my trusty Scor-Pal. Some things are SO OBVIOUS GEEZ.