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Mission 101 2009 - Purple Pony Art Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Mission 101 2009 [Jan. 1st, 2009|04:44 pm]
Purple Pony Art

I believe mrs_dragon has done/is doing something similar, so I leapt at the chance to do it this year. It seems too often we overwhelm ourselves with good intentions that result in failure. Maybe we humans just aren't good at seeing the future or taking baby steps. There's a wide variety of things on my list, both personal and arty. Hopefully this will help me get my butt in gear!

1. Take 14 or more hours of driving lessons.
2. Finish painting "Masks".
3. Create self-portrait.
4. Create at least five figure drawings.
5. Create set of 9 QH ACEOs.
6. Design pansy stationary. (Q2)
7. Create and list a digital download of a pansy box. (Q2)
8. Try to take one Sunday a month for batch cooking.
9. Organize the closet in my hobby room. (Q2)
10. Organize my downstairs art space. (Q2)
11. Clean the basement, so I can actually use the Dremel again. (Q2)
12. Put up last shelf in laundry area.
13. Use Outlook daily to manage my time.
14. Become better at meal planning.
15. Try to go swimming at least once a month.
16. Finish watching Hetty Wainthrop Investigates. (Q2)
17. Make at least one trip to Edmonton. (Q2)
18. Write a weekly email to my friend Sheila.
19. Update my brochure for 2009.
20. Re-design calendars for 2009.
21. Create a picture based on St. Hubert.
22. Give making Scrabble tile pendants a try.
23. Make clay bases for painting.
24. Paint the clay bases :-).
25. Make another clay relief sculpture.
26. Make a budget for 2009.
27. Make a budget for 2010.
28. See a financial planner about the tax free RRSP.
29. Visit Lethbridge again.
30. Carve a unicorn rubber stamp. (Q3)
31. Create a landscape drawing for my college portfolio.
32. Take the one non-studio class I need to finish first year extended studies.
33. Apply to ACAD.
34. Finish Mrs. Dragon's magnet and sticker sample. (Q2)
35. Stop eating carbs after 7pm.
36. Donate $12 to Greenpeace every month.
37. Send "unwrapped" charity gifts in 2009.
38. Send "unwrapped" charity gifts in 2010.
39. Prep four more pictures for online greeting cards.
40. Design a new display for 2009 sales.
41. Try 5 recipes from the Low GI Cookbook (3 so far)
42. Try 5 recipes from the Christian Home Cookbook (2 so far)
43. Finish pink knitted bag.
44. List two things to Etsy every month.
45. Figure out how to feed LiveJournal to Blogger. (kinda sorta did) (Q2)
46. Give paper twilling a shot.
47. Practice paper cutting more.
48. Play Fallout and Fallout 2.
49. Play Lionheart.
50. Go to Las Vegas with our good friends.
51. Take Mom to an art class in 2009.
52. Take Mom to an art class in 2010.
53. Make Sunday truly a day of rest.
54. Create a list of books I want to read.
55. Go the zoo once a season.
56. Go to the bird sanctuary at least once in spring and once in summer (done for Q2)
57. Create a list of craft sales for 2009.
58. Archive a list of 2008 craft sales.
59. Update my website and Facebook page once a month.
60. Keep a sketchbook at work.
61. Make something cool with my Dremel.
62. Acquire all the Marvy Uchida circle punches.
63. Finish cockatoo picture.
64. Make a run of 10 black and red robin cards. (Q2)
65. Create blue jay ACEO.
66. Make peacock ACEO.
67. Create purple chameleon necklace.
68. Attend at least one model horse show. (Q3)
69. Finish pastelling model horse.
70. Snail mail Grell his badge. (Q3)
71. Buy a colour laser printer. This happened waaay sooner than I expected!
72. Create a perspective drawing.
73. Participate in Illustration Friday once a month.
74. Create prototype ACEO wallets.
75. Participate in Thing A Day 2009.
76. Participate in Thing A Day 2010.
77. Try to go to 2 First Thursday events by 2011.
78. Create a bookstore on my website.
79. Do something with my paper stash, ala Jenn Stark or like this.
80. Submit a pattern to Loom Knitters Circle.
81. Post the French instructions to my Knifty Knitter Glove.
82. Finish six pairs of red and purple slippers for friend by April 2009. (Q2)
83. Finish designing my horse cross-stitch pamphlet.
84. Get another Benno unit from Ikea. (Q2)
85. Think more positively.
86. Expect less from others (then I won't be so disappointed).
87. Become a better penpal.
88. Plant something new each year in the garden. (2009 - dahlia)
89. Re-caulk the patio doors.
90. Meditate nightly.
91. Design upcycled items or crafts from reusable items.
92. Learn how to use resin.
93. Make design templates...so I'm not making them a couple months before craft sales.
94. Use Outlook to keep track of tasks.
95. Say no to information overload!
96. Say no to more requests that I can't handle - and know that someone else out there will do it.
97. Get a library card for my mentee - I mentor a teenage girl :-)
98. I feel I am a good listener, but I'm feeling that I could be listening better.
99. Don't sweat the small stuff.
100. Contact Coleman and see if a replacement part can be had for the broken lamp.
101. Get a driver's licence.

[User Picture]From: mrs_dragon
2009-01-02 02:11 am (UTC)
85 and 86 seem a bit contradictory... ; )

One thing I suggest is to try to think of ways to make these more measurable and to be able to cut yourself some slack. For instance. #90. Meditate nightly. What if you miss a night? Does that invalidate the whole point? What if you do it nightly for a month and don't like it? Or decide another time would be better? Etc. Or for #98. Be a better listener. How? What behavior do you want to do/not do? How many times? Etc. ^_^

(And yay! more company!)
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[User Picture]From: purpleponyart
2009-01-02 02:21 am (UTC)
Hee hee! But expecting less from others is positive, because I'll be happy with what I get. IE, don't expect the slow poke cashier at the post office to be fast.

Quantifying goals is always tricky, but I didn't want to set up too many expectations for the first go and get all anal about trying to meet them. Kind of like when David Allen says not to try to get all GTD at once, pick one or two things and practice really becoming good at it first.
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[User Picture]From: mrs_dragon
2009-01-02 02:33 am (UTC)
Lol! True. : )

I think the quantifying goals has to do, in part, with how flexible you are. If you are able to give yourself that leeway naturally, then awesome! I am not, so I have to make sure I write it in or I end up really frustrated/overwhelmed. The good thing is that you have left things loose, like "do this" as opposed to "do this every single day for all 1001 days". (Which I see on some lists and it makes me wonder.)
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[User Picture]From: purpleponyart
2009-01-02 05:35 pm (UTC)
That's a good point, I think it's possible to set goals too rigidly and for people not like you, they may be discouraged by all the paperwork they're doing. Hopefully those people find out what works for them. There are some things on the list that I don't expect to do right away either - I can't recaulk the patio doors in winter :-D
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-01-02 10:03 pm (UTC)


#92 is on my list too. I just bought a book at Patcatan's in Ohio to help me understand what it is and how to do it. Now I need time to read it and try it.

Bringer of Light
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[User Picture]From: purpleponyart
2009-01-02 10:14 pm (UTC)

Re: Resin

Oh cool! You'll have to let me know how it goes. I have the resin molds to make pendants, but no resin, or well ventilated place to use it right now either.
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