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New Year, New POD - Purple Pony Art Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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New Year, New POD [Jan. 2nd, 2016|05:33 pm]
Purple Pony Art
Happy 2016 peeps! I started on a new print on demand site, Society6 which has a lot of old favourites on it at the moment. I love print on demand sites because the customer gets what they want and can get it at a reasonable price. Shipping from Canada is long and expensive and it saves me from having to keep inventory even if it doesn't mean as much money going into my pocket. Society6 is a fairly new site and I hope it improves! Some problems I have noticed with it are:

  • Deleted images cache and changes don't show up right way

  • There's no editing tools, not even a simple rotate for photos that are the wrong orientation

  • The site is a little disordered compared to other print on demand sites - listings are called "posts"

  • There's a constant problem with "upload limit reached" errors, so trying to replace an image is impossible

  • The seller backend doesn't work well or at all with Android/mobile, which is a bummer as I hoped to be able to edit the photo descriptions after uploading

Still, I hope the site grows and gets better - we all have to start somewhere!